Infrablok builds futuristic digital solutions for tech-savvy enterprises and startups. Our development team helps businesses build secure and scalable solutions in AI/ML and Web3. We provide Web3 APIs that can help connect existing Web2 solutions to Web3. We build our products to meet the needs of your application with a focus on design and functionality. We also provide tailor–made digital solutions to design any product as per your specific requirements. Our engineering team has delivered digital solutions to numerous industry verticals worldwide with emerging technologies.


Infrablok’s Web3 APIs lets users add web3 functionality into their existing applications. Our track and trace API will add the functionality of tracking and tracing a product’s journey on decentralized Ethereum network. Whether you have an existing dApp or a web 2 application that needs this functionality, try out our Track and Trace API.


1. Track & Trace

Infrablok’s Track & Trace API enables users to trace the journey of the product by integrating it with any web3 application over EVM that needs to know the origin of the product. It records all the touchpoints of the product from its origin to destination for logistics, insurance, supply chain or any industry that needs it. Checking products journey is as easy as scanning a QR code.


Infrablok’s EVM API is a suite of web3 APIs that supports various functionalities over EVM chains (Ethereum/Solana blockchain). These APIs act as an abstract layer between the dApp and the blockchain, hiding the complex process of connecting to chain and fetching data on-chain for the dApp, letting it run seamlessly. Using our EVM suite of APIs various functionalities can be achieved like, fetching NFT, Token or other on-chain related data, depending upon the requirement of the decentralized application. Various APIs that we support are –

  1.  Block API Infrablok’s Block API is a part of EVM API suite that displays the content of the block when the block number or hash value is passed to it.
  2. Transaction API Infrablok’s Transaction API is a part of EVM API suite that details out the user’s on-chain activity by listing the native transactions of the user using its wallet address.
  3. Balance API Infrablok’s Balance API is a part of EVM API suite that fetches the native balance for the given wallet address.
  4. Token API Infrablok’s Token API is a part of EVM API suite that provides token’s price, ownership, and transfer data.
  5. NFT API – Infrablok’s NFT API is a part of EVM API suite that fetches NFT data like its real-time metadata, price, transfer data and far more. 
  6.  Events API Infrablok’s Events API is a part of EVM API suite that gives log of the specific wallets and contracts whose address is passed to it.

3. Solana API

Infrablok’s enables building of web3 dApps over Solana quickly with an easy integration of Solana APIs. These APIs tells the wallet balance of a given address, fetches NFT metadata and Token balance of a given network or address. Solana APIs that we support are –

  1.  NFT API – fetches SPL NFT metadata and balance of an address
  2.  Token API – fetches SPL Token price and SPL Token balance of an address or network
  3.  Balance API – fetches native balance or Solana portfolio balance by wallet